Increase your influence as a leader and create a culture of continuous growth and improvement within your organization.

Fan of yourself

  • Increasing self-awareness and refining your leadership profile
  • Recognizing your unique qualities and limitations under pressure
  • Developing a leadership style focused on both people and results
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges in your role as a leader within the organization
  • Increasing your capacity to provide guidance and direction in a dynamic and complex environment

Fan of your team

  • Understanding the psychological aspects of leadership and team motivation
  • Gaining knowledge and experience to implement adaptable leadership styles in different situations
  • Enhancing communication skills at a leadership level
  • Developing skills that promote inclusivity and support a diverse work environment
  • Mapping the complex challenges and dependencies within your network of stakeholders (Giga Mapping)
  • Strengthening connections with internal and external stakeholders

Fan van your organization

  • Translating leadership challenges into the organizational context and the situation in which you operate as a leader
  • Developing and conveying a clear vision for your success planning and added value to the organization
  • Creating an action plan to achieve your leadership ambitions for the organization

''The leadership program JUMP was developed for our global talents. We are happy to work with Fanbased. They deliver thoughtful ideas and are flexible to adapt to our needs and company culture. Our participants have been able to grow in their positions or successfully lead their teams.''

“Our programs are developed following the Fanbased method. However, we believe that the best program is created through co-creation with the client. Please feel free to contact us for more information.”