Increase your self-awareness and take responsibility for your personal growth within the organization.

Fan of yourself

  • Increasing self-awareness and discovering your growth potential
  • Recognizing your unique qualities and limitations under pressure
  • Exploring who/what has shaped you into the person you are now
  • Directing and activating your desired growth
  • Discovering your driving forces (personal values) and learning to act upon them
  • Standing up for who you are and want to be through a concrete action plan

Fan of your team

  • Becoming aware of behavior that does/does not contribute to interaction with your immediate environment
  • Learning to engage in constructive conflicts with yourself and others
  • Utilizing tools to make behavioral changes visible to your surroundings

Fan van your organization

  • Showing commitment and taking responsibility for your role
  • Presenting your growth ambition

"In cooperation with Fanbased, we have developed an individual program for which all employees of sports federations, associations and umbrella organizations in sport can enroll. The program is focused on strengthening personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship of all employees in sports."

“Our programs are developed following the Fanbased method. However, we believe that the best program is created through co-creation with the client. Please feel free to contact us for more information.”