Nutreco is an international animal nutrition company that provides nutrition and technological solutions to produce feed in a more sustainable way. For the future leaders of Nutreco, an international leadership program was developed with online individual and team coaching in combination with a physical training week in the Netherlands.


The world of the animal feed industry is changing rapidly and within Nutreco there is a need for leaders who create a climate of safety and open communication. Future leaders who are ready to address the complex issues of the market and act as ambassadors for the new culture. Nutreco assigned Fanbased to develop a program for the future leaders in which defining a clear (personal) direction and targeting their global network are important themes.


The leadership program JUMP is developed for international talents of Nutreco from 12 different countries. The program was created in cooperation with TIAS Business School. Participants discovered who they are as a leader and how they are able to create an optimal performance environment for their team. The program is offered in a hybrid form with online individual coaching and a physical training week in the Netherlands. The mix of in-depth coaching sessions, the business and management concepts and group activities ensured that all themes and objectives of the program were met.


Completing the leadership program contributes to:



  • Be able to use competences in a targeted manner to achieve goals more effectively
  • Ability to deal effectively with stressful situations
  • Use practical tools to be able to change your own behaviour
  • Be able to accelerate the development of your team
  • Create a clear vision of your role in the team and the organisation



  • Present your personal growth ambition to all your key stakeholders
  • Start to live your personal growth accelerator
  • Create a safe environment within your team
  • Add your growth goals to your personal targets
  • Check your progress after three months with your Fanbased coach