''Become a fan of yourself, your team & your organization''


We are a prestigious team of professional coaches and psychologists that offer people-oriented coaching programs to accelerate growth for individuals, teams and organizations in business and sports.

All Fanbased coaches are (former) athletes and are convinced that development of human aspects is the most important success factor for the desired change and performance improvement.

Lead yourself program
Increase your self-awareness and take responsibility for your personal growth within the organization.
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Lead others program
Discover your leadership style and empower yourself to lead and inspire in a more effective way.
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Lead teams program
Evaluate, refine and activate your leadership skills to create an optimal performance environment for your team.
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Lead leaders program
Increase your influence as a leader and create a culture of continuous growth and improvement within your organization.
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Team program
Improve mutual understanding and connection, establish clarity regarding each individual's role and responsibilities, and commit to a shared goal.
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A selection of clients that choose to work with us

Our success stories


“Fanbased always thinks constructively and helps us face challenges. The evaluations show that the program really makes an impact in the daily practice of the participants. The excellent reviews about both the content of the program and the coaches of Fanbased confirm that we have made the right choice.”

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“Fanbased introduces an athlete mindset to our executive team. They know how to effectively reveal the essence of a team with a dose of enthusiasm and vulnerability. The contact between the team members is strengthened and after the first session we already noticed a switch in our management team.” 


“Once people know what their qualities and challenges are, what and where they want to go, they are able to really excel. Fanbased succeeds in bringing this out in our people and breaking through behavioural patterns. It ensures that people work with full commitment, achieve amazing performances, followed by great results!”


Team Amsterdam
B. Amsterdam
Johan Huizingalaan 763A

1066 VH, Amsterdam

Team Eindhoven
Donna | Strijp-S
Philitelaan 57
5617 AK, Eindhoven


“We believe that growth starts with the mindset to continuously develop yourself and embrace change”