All Fanbased coaches and psychologists have experience and expertise in elite sport or the Military


We offer insight into mental, social and physical challenges from psychology and neuroscience


We stimulate growth by real experiences (action!). We actively engage to accelerate development

Our levels of attention

We accelerate growth by paying attention to the relationship with yourself, your environment and the bigger picture. Become a fan of yourself, your team & your organisation!


Recognize your unique talents and obstacles under pressure, investigate what has shaped you into the person you are now and activate your desired growth


Becoming aware of the behaviour that contributes to the interaction with your environment and creating a (working) environment in which every individual can work together and perform optimally


Creating a shared vision of you/your unique added value within the organisation or a sustainable plan for the development of your people

Our way of thinking

The athlete mindset

Throughout our sports careers, we have experienced the significance of the mindset to continuously develop yourself. In our programs, we use the Fanbased growth accelerator to embrace this mindset and achieve the desired growth. It is a continuous process that consists of:

Aim – Create a clear and concrete goal and determine what direction you’re heading into

Activate – Let’s go! Working towards set goals, learning by doing in daily activities

Check – Evaluate progress to adjust or confirm the direction you are heading into

And again…

Following these steps creates awareness in the development process, which is essential to achieving desired behavioral change. Set the direction, activate your plan and critically check the development. Satisfaction should be in growth, not only achieving the goal. Because  with achieving a goal, a new goal is already waiting for you.