Our Team

What is our line up?


Rogier Hofman

Former professional athlete & Performance coach

Rogier Hofman – With his third Olympic Games, Rogier ended his international professional sports career in Rio de Janeiro. He has successfully achieved his ambition to get the best out of his life by constantly looking for a balance between study, professional sports and his social life. After setting up the Sport Helpt foundation, he started Fanbased and now helps individuals and teams to become the best version of themselves.


Joep van der Loo

Former professional athlete & Performance coach

Joep van der Loo – Joep combined a career as a professional athlete and team coach with his studies, after which he gained a lot of experience as a strategy consultant at A.T. Kearney. In his work and sports teams, Joep looks for the distinctive qualities of each team member. With his positive view and sense of group dynamics, he stimulates individuals and teams in their development.


Yara Casteleijn

Former professional athlete & Performance coach

Yara Casteleijn – During her professional sports career, Yara obtained her Masters degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at Utrecht University. After obtaining experience as a psychologist at the military and as a consultant in the business world, she nowadays coaches teams within sports. With a lot of passion and energy she guides them in their development.


Tim Jenniskens

Former professional athlete & Performance coach

Tim Jenniskens – Just before the Olympic Games of London 2012, Tim completed his Masters Degree in Business Studies at the University of Amsterdam. His choice of study, role within sports teams and the decision to start the Sport Helpt Foundation and Fanbased, are all focused on helping others. With his powerful energy and enthusiasm, he sets individuals and teams in motion.


Robert Bouman

Haka trainer & Performance coach

Robert Bouman – After years of working in healthcare and psychiatry, Robert decided to fully focus on his passion and expand his training method. His experience as a psychomotor therapist and haka trainer offers a combination of humor and an effective way of working. He takes you into an experience full of energy and dedication.


Lara van den Born-Schuil

Former prof. Athlete & Horse coaching

Lara van den Born-Schuil – Lara graduated as a psychologist and after years of experience in business services (including The Boston Consulting Group and Roland Berger) and as a professional athlete (Dutch Golf Team) she started her own company Born Talents. From her passion, she coaches top talents & teams in a refreshing way by using the horse as a training element & metaphor.


Leonoor Voskamp

Former professional athlete & Performance coach

Leonoor Voskamp – During her career as a professional athlete, Leonoor was always focused on team dynamics. Her talent lies in leading and connecting team players. Trust and fun are her drivers. The combination of a study Social & Organizational Psychology, her professional sports experience and work experience as a manager at PostNL can be optimally used to lift teams to a higher level.


Cees Koppelaar

Olympic athlete trainer

Cees Koppelaar – With many years of experience as a trainer of Olympic athletes and the biggest sports teams in the Netherlands, Cees has been a phenomenon in his field of expertise for decades. With his inexhaustible energy, he gets people moving and teaches them to relax during exercise at the same time.


Teun de Nooijer

Former professional athlete & inspirator

Teun de Nooijer – Teun is known as one of the most successful Dutch athletes of all time. During his sports career, he gained a lot of experience and insights in talent and team development. Nowadays he substantiates these insights scientifically and likes to share these with others in a number of Fanbased programs.


Marc van de Kuilen

Former soldier, prof. Athlete & Performance coach

Marc van de Kuilen – Due to his inexhaustible willpower and resilience, Marc has transformed a war drama into the realization of a new dream; participation in the Paralympic Games. With his positive attitude and life experiences, Marc coaches individuals in taking control of their own lives and helps teams to stimulate their performance.

Margot profielfoto site Fanbased

Margot van Keulen

PR, communication & events

Margot van Keulen – She is an ambitious, hard worker from an entrepreneurial and sports-oriented family. Margot has organization skills and an eye for details. She invents, coordinates and creates with a lot of enthusiasm. With her positive and solution-oriented attitude, she wants to be meaningful to others and her choices are focused on helping and connecting people.


Paul Toes

Former professional athlete & Trainer

Paul Toes – Paul was part of the Dutch Wheelchair Basketball Team between 2008 and 2016, with the Paralympic Games in 2016 as his personal highlight. Next to that he earned his Master’s degree in Sports & Management. Nowadays, Paul focuses on providing workshops and wheelchair basketball clinics for companies and schools.


Rosanne Warmerdam

Vitality specialist, Neuroscience expert

Rosanne Warmerdam – Rosanne has a background in Biomedical Sciences and has one goal: create health for people and planet. With her passion and enthusiasm, she translates scientific insights into daily practice with ease. She focuses on her startup HealthBlocks, a preventive healthcare concept that helps people to better understand their health condition and supports them in their personal health goals. She shares her knowledge about health and vitality as an external specialist within Fanbased programs.