‘Werkgevers in de Sport’ (WOS) is an employers' association that represent the interests of sports federations, associations and umbrella organizations in sport in the broad field of labor relations. In cooperation with Fanbased, an individual program has been developed focused on strengthening personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship for employees in sport.


As a knowledge hub, the WOS approached us to develop a program aimed at the sustainable employability of employees in sport. They were specifically looking for an organization that knows the world of sports and is able to make a link with scientific knowledge. The program is focused on strengthening personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship of all employees in sport. Themes that have an enormous added value for every professional in their career development.

Action plan

The individual program was developed based on the various issues and needs from the industry. Anyone with a career in sports, regardless of whether you are in a sports association, club or other organization could enroll in the program. Participants are divided into groups, complete in-depth individual coaching and participate in multiple group sessions. Through three modules, participants gain insights into their natural competencies, how to build a winning team, and how to utilize this to make an impact in your organization. The experiences and knowledge from the program are translated through a personal presentation into concrete actions in their own organization.


Going through Lead Yourself  contributes to:


  • Targeted use of competencies to achieve goals more effectively
  • Robust handling of stressful situations
  • The ability to change your own behavior through the use of practical tools
  • Improved connection and collaboration with your immediate environment
  • Clear vision of your desired growth within the organization
  • Conscious enhancement of your employability in your team and the organization
  • Advocating a mindset of continuous development and embracing change (the high-performance mindset


  • Presenting your personal growth ambition to your immediate environment
  • Activating your personal growth ambition within the organization
  • Incorporating your objectives into your personal targets
  • Checking progress after three months with a Fanbased coach