OLYX intermediates trades in the renewable energy market. OLYX's sustainable performance is based on a focus on its people and their development. Through our organization program, we support the MT of OLYX in determining how they would like to organize the development of their people.


OLYX approached Fanbased to support the MT in designing the development of their people. During the organizational program, we define a shared vision and sustainable plan for the growth of the people. We map out the required investments and implement individual, leadership and team programs to realize the defined ambition. As a result, almost all OLYX employees have taken part in one or more programs, in which individual growth, team development and organizational development are central.


All (new) OLYX employees complete our individual program to discover what their unique qualities are, what holds them back when under pressure, how they developed themselves into the person they are today and learn how to reach their growth potential. The individual program includes in-depth individual coaching and group sessions. At the team level, we optimize mutual cooperation and team performance through multiple team development days. For example, deepening mutual trust and engaging in constructive conflicts. At the organizational level we remain in contact with the MT concerning the design of the development. We evaluate the progress to conform or adapt the set course.


Completing the organizational program contributes to the:



  • Ability to stimulate the personal growth of employees
  • A safe working and learning environment where employees dare to open up
  • Employees show real commitment and take responsibility
  • Insight into everyone’s added value (roles and responsibilities) that contributes to the realization of the shared defined ambition.



  • Share the desired environment within the organization
  • Start to live the common agreements and preconditions
  • Promote ideas and insights to the rest of the organization
  • Check your progress after three months with your Fanbased coach