Expeditors is a global logistics service provider that connects stakeholders in a large international network. For their management team in Amsterdam, Fanbased has developed several team programs focused on defining a clear common goal and increasing mutual trust within the team.


Expeditors approached Fanbased to bring in expert knowledge during their existing management team days. The goal was to get a clear understanding of the drivers of the team and how they can grow towards a common goal. Trust in each other and in the team were key themes. After completing the program, Expeditors expanded their cooperation with Fanbased and several team programs were developed.


The team program involved several days of work at an external location. The group days are a combination of theory and interactive assignments. We first mapped out the current situation in order to determine the desired situation We identified everyone's unique qualities and added value that contribute to the realization of the common ambition. This results in a team that is connected with each other and dares to address each other in the confidence that they are working towards the same common goal.


Completing the team program contributes to:



  • Be able to stimulate personal growth of yourself and your team members
  • Master the theory and skills that form the foundation of winning teams
  • Create a safe working environment where team members dare to open up
  • Understand the value of constructive conflicts
  • Demonstrate real commitment and take responsibility for the team
  • Learn to use practical to change behaviour
  • Be able to accelerate your team’s development



  • Present the desired environment to cooperate and perform
  • Start to live the common agreements and preconditions
  • Create a safe environment within the team
  • Promote ideas and insights to the rest of the organization
  • Check your progress after three months with your Fanbased coach