Optimize mutual cooperation and team performance with your teammates.

Fan of yourself (in your team)

  • Increase the employability of all individuals within the team
  • Insight into everyone's unique qualities, what’s holding them back under pressure and their growth potential
  • Determine everyone's added value (roles and responsibilities) that contributes to the realization of the shared ambition

Fan of your team

  • Create an environment in which the team can optimally work together and perform
  • Map the as-is and to-be situation and start to close the gap
  • Conduct an action plan, learn skills and gain the required experience to realize your growth ambitions

Fan of your organisation

  • Develop a common vision on the unique added value of the team
  • Determine the raison d'être (roles & responsibilities) in the organisation
  • Improve mutual cooperation with affiliate teams and key stakeholders

"The goal of the Expeditors team program was to clarify the various drives and grow as a team towards a common goal. After completing the program the MT of Expeditors Amsterdam extended the cooperation with Fanbased and multiple team programs were developed."

“Our programs are developed following the Fanbased method. However, we believe that the best program is created through co-creation with the client. Please feel free to contact us for more information.”