Going through the growth accelerator is a continuous process that consists of …



Formulate a clear and concrete goal and determine what direction you are heading into

  • Describe the desired development
  • Draft a growth agenda
  • Shape the diffuse future
  • Confirm or sharpen the chosen direction



Let’s go! Working towards set goals, learning by doing in daily activities

  • Working with a future plan in mind, from your imagination
  • Learning by doing, in daily activities based on full transparency
  • Involving others by inspiring them (exemplary behavior)



Evaluate progress to adjust or confirm the direction you are heading into

  • Evaluate performance
  • Measure visible change
  • Actively looking for feedback


And repeat…



Going through these steps creates awareness within the process of personal growth and team development; the mindset for continuous development.


The process will not always be pleasant. Growth is based on many attempts. The degree of success is determined by how often you try, regardless the outcome. Determine the direction, activate your plan and check the development critically. The sense of satisfaction is found in growth itself, not in achieving a goal. Why? With the achievement of the goal, a new goal already awaits you.